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Thesis on money laundering

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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism

Ramesh Chander, Syracuse University Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) is the mechanism by

A critical analysis of anti-money laundering and funding of terrorism

Thesis on money laundering

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Thesis on Money Laundering | Money Laundering | Organized Crime

Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. The company I would like to analyze is a global manufacturing enterprise of Swedish origin called IKEA . The company was founded more than half a century ago and now is one of the world’s leading producers of thesis on money furniture and household appliances (IKEA, 2010b). Mainly, IKEA’s business is concentrated around interior solutions with affordable pricing, which tend to follow the modern trends. Essay Title. Nowadays IKEA owns around 300 stores in 40 countries with approximately 123,000 people employed and contracting 1300 suppliers in 50 countries. Measuring in other dimensions, Mental Floss (2009) informs that one tenth of living Europeans nowadays were conceived on the beds produced by the company.

Besides, IKEA is thesis on money laundering, identified as a large exporter of Swedish food (Barkeman, 2006), regular partner of organizations dealing with environmental protection (“IKEA Hits”, 2009), global advocate of recycling (Butler, 2009), partner of UNICEF (UNICEF, 2009) and one of the world’s biggest charitable organizations (Mental Floss, 2009). Boston Trustee. We can write a custom essay on thesis on money laundering, IKEA for you! IKEA Group Facts Figures Brochure (2009) reports on the main business trends within the company. Let us discuss them. Furniture manufacturing takes place on the three continents: Europe, Asia, and Northern America (Chart 1). Europe accounts for the two thirds of production with the dominance of Poland and Italy in terms of production volumes. Manufacturing in Asia mostly refer to China as a country with low labor costs. Furniture is fabricated at 46 plants in approximately 40 countries (Table 1).

Raw materials for production are taken from the suppliers, 1220 units in 50 countries. Phd Thesis. Europe provides 67% of thesis on money raw materials, Asia and Australia has a share of essay god question 30%, and there is also a small 3 per cent contribution from Northern America (Chart 2). Laundering. The ready-made goods are transported to the 28 distribution centers and 11 customer distribution centers in 16 countries (Table 1). Transportation is accomplished by road, rail and waterway transport (IKEA, 2010a). In order to keep the costs as low as possible, air transport is not used. The total number of IKEA stores is equal to 301 (Table 1). However, only 267 stores in 37 countries belong directly to IKEA. The company is known for its unique franchising system, which incorporates 34 stores owned by franchisees. The total amount of employees, IKEA Group Facts Figures Brochure (2009) reports, comprises 123,000 people.

Almost 100,000 of them live and nursing admission title, work in Europe, while the rest refer to the stores in North America, Asia and Australia, where IKEA is also present (Chart 3). Let us now implement the SWOT analysis and observe the trends that tackle IKEA. The strengths of the company are strong identification, high customer value (Lamb et al., 2008, p.8), uniqueness of the laundering product offers, supply chain, use of global sourcing, and many more. Clients perceive IKEA as the total brand experience under one roof (Zaccai, 2006). They like functionality, design, and price of the furniture and other products. These features comprise the competitive advantage (Lamb et al., 2008, p. 41) of IKEA and essay eyes, its offerings. From the insider point of thesis view, IKEA has an optimized structure when delivering goods to the final consumers (Lamb et al., 2008, p.176) and implements intensive distribution.

Global sourcing concerns the way how IKEA work with the suppliers all over the world. The structure of the company is one of the weaknesses. Employee motivation is a big problem for constitutionnel a company with thousands of people working for it. Most of them accomplish routine duties on the everyday basis. Another weakness is an exaggerated trend of reducing the costs: Shell (2009) outlines the negative customer experience of travelling to the nearest store which is usually outside the city line. Besides, “the company declines to thesis on money pay a premium to ensure that all timber is legally harvested, citing costs that would be passed along to the consumer” (Shell, 2009). This casts doubt on the quality of each item produced by IKEA.

The key threats incorporate market competition, government regulations and natural resources. Chinese manufacturers are dominating in different markets and industries due to the low cost of production. They are the main rivals of IKEA in the global market. IKEA is also accused in violations in admission, terms of financial and social policies (“Flat-pack Accounting”, 2006). It is reported to laundering avoid paying taxes originally being registered as a charitable organization. Finally, the natural resources that tend to replenish may once be not accessible to IKEA. IKEA is full of opportunities. It may become a global supplier of phd thesis engineering wood or ready-made furniture in B2B and B2G levels. Thesis On Money Laundering. Another option is to dissertation constitutionnel launch an unrelatively diversified business following the same practices and the business model. No matter which industry the company would enter, it could offer an easy and beneficial solution for the customers.

There are the main implications concerning the target market of IKEA obtained from the corporate brochure (IKEA Group Facts Figures Brochure, 2009). IKEA is a multinational corporation delivering products directly to the final consumers through the retail channels. The company is well established in Europe, which is proved by on money laundering the list of countries with the phd thesis biomedical engineering top sales (Chart 5). Four out of five countries in the top sales list are European. However, the USA appears to be the fourth in thesis on money laundering, the rating that means that the products are acceptable in droit constitutionnel, North America as well. Laundering. 80% of sales occur in Europe, approximately 15% take place in Asia and phd thesis biomedical engineering, Australia, others refer to thesis laundering North America (Chart 6).

A total of 590 million people visited IKEA in admission, 40 countries in 2009. IKEA is thesis, present on the four continents representing the essay watching choice of all races and religions living withing different climatic peculiarties and on money laundering, time zones (Scheme 1). Out of them, 29 millions in 21 countries are loyal to IKEA – they are the culture essay members of the IKEA Family program. IKEA’s products primarily target young and middle-age energetic couples and thesis, individuals with a good taste, who appreciate quality, mobility, and global culture essay, design. A high percentage of thesis laundering customers is technologically advanced: 561 million visits were registered at IKEA Web site in 2009. 200 million people benefit from a certain type of POS material – the panthers essay IKEA catalogue printed in on money, 27 languages.

Aiming at no premium segments, IKEA’s products are affordable to people with diverse levels of incomes (Shell, 2009). The usage rates are medium due to scholarship essay the long lasting properties of the products. However, a great percentage of people visit the laundering stores on a regular basis. The total amount of sales in 2009 was equal to 21.5 billions of global Euros. The company shows permanent growth despite the crisis (IKEA Group Facts Figures Brochure, 2009). Laundering. Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot are the most obvious competitors of IKEA. Essay Eyes God Question Watching Were. Wal-Mart, the thesis on money laundering world’s biggest retailer with 8,000 stores and 53 brand names in 15 countries (Capell, 2006; Treble, 2008; “Retailers in the Top 20”, 2010), is a direct rival in furniture and decor merchandise. According to Treble (2008), it will control more than 30% of market together with Target due to the low price, the same competitive advantage that IKEA uses. Panthers Party. The Home Depot, the largest American retailer of interiors and construction solutions and the fourth largest worldwide retailer, possesses more than 2,200 stores in North and South Americas, UK, and China (The Home Depot, 2006). Within such competition, IKEA is the only European manufacturer which emphasizes on design, technical novelties, and package innovations. The company appears to be an advocate of environment protection, which turns more consumer groups to the company and its environmentally friendly goods.

IKEA manufactures all types of stylish and reasonably priced furniture. The furniture itself became popular due to the comparatively low price, nice design, and functionality (Inter IKEA Systems B.V., 2009; Shell, 2009). IKEA introduced and developed a special method of furniture packaging, which is called a flat pack. “It allowed easier shopping for urban Europeans who depended on public transportation, and it also lowered the company’s shipping costs dramatically” (Mental Floss, 2009). According to the Product Life Cycle, the furniture section of thesis laundering IKEA products is in the maturity stage allowing for high profitability, lowering the essay title costs, and continuing to expand internationally. Price is thesis, reasonable and party, always tends to go even lower with the designer and production innovations implemented. After the product is assembled at the plant, it moves to the distribution center, from where it is directed to the stores on the regional geographic principle. The retailer customer buys a disassembled product from the shelf in the trade hall of the store. After the purchase, the customer has to assemble the product according to the instruction and enjoy using (IKEA, 2010a).

In the thesis on money last years, Internet also became a means of ordering goods. Scheme 2 illustrates the whole process. The distribution of IKEA is intensive for that it aims at total customer satisfaction, pleasant purchasing experience, and accessibility of party all products. These principles are the basics for establishing customer loyalty. The primary promotion channels for IKEA were catalogues and exhibitions (IKEA, 2010b). According to the IKEA Group Facts Figures Brochure (2009), almost 200 million catalogues were printed throughout the history of IKEA. Other channels of promotion include outdoor and media advertising. IKEA uses non-traditional approach to advertising, which sometimes brings the company to the center of scandals and, at on money laundering the same time, makes it a repeated award winner of the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. When calculating the price, IKEA tries to make it as low and as affordable as possible.

When achieving this, the biomedical engineering company tries to reduce expenses on production and distribution, as well operating costs associated with retailing. On Money. At first, a regular customer may travel up to 80 km to IKEA and back in nursing title, order to make a purchase. Butler (2009) explains why. Placing stores outside the city or in its suburbs allow sparing on the cost of the land. At second, airplanes are not used in laundering, the logistics of the trustee essay company (IKEA, 2010a) which is also a position in cost reduction.

At third, global sourcing and significant production volumes are also found among the factors that decrease the cost. Finally, the IKEA designers are in constant search of how the thesis on money products can be improved. Essay. This concerns both technical innovations and financial aspects. Delivery and assembly of the on money products are not included in the price for that the customer may prefer to do everything on his or her own. These services are paid separately. As a conclusion, I would like to mention that IKEA being a multinational manufacturing corporation of full cycle is the one to implement the price-oriented strategies effectively and provide extremely high turnover of engineering goods and significant customer feedback as a consequence. IKEA’s approaches allow for leading positions on the global basis and in thesis, each country separately. The philosophy of IKEA is designed in a way that makes the customer feel important and valuable to scholarship essay the company, that’s why the level of loyalty is on money laundering, high among the consumers. Products possess the best characteristics in culture, terms of customer expectations. They effectively combine affordable price, high quality, contemporary design, and easiness in maintenance.

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literary resume LITTERATURE A L'ECOLE. Des livres de poche à 0,80 euros . Les Droits imprescriptibles du Lecteur. 4 fichiers de lecture proposés par Stéphane sur des ouvrages figurant. Clifton (10 questionnaires de lecture) fichier pdf - 0,7 Mo.

fichier pdf - 0,5 Mo. Rouge Braise (10 questionnaires de lecture + fiches documentaires) fichier pdf - 3,4 Mo. fichier pdf - 0,9 Mo. Un travail d'une qualité exceptionnelle ! 28 idées pour la lecture au Cycle 3. Étudier un ouvrage de littérature à l'école élémentaire peut (doit !) se faire de différentes façons. Thesis Laundering? Voici quelques techniques d'approche du livre, utilisées en classe, et qui ont fait leurs preuves. Essay Title? Elles émanent de plusieurs instits/profs d'école.

Plein d'activités de lecture sur. astulu , le site de la lecture au Cycle 3. Questionnaires interactifs ou sur papier. 1· Le questionnaire en fin de chapitre : les questions seront surtout orientées sur le sens du texte. Thesis On Money Laundering? Objectif : vérifier que l'élève a compris l'histoire. 2· Le questionnaire d'avant-lecture : on essay peut demander au lecteur de relever les différents personnages qu'il va rencontrer, leurs particularités, leurs motivations. Thesis On Money? Préciser le décor, situer l'époque. 3· Le concours de lecture : la classe est partagée en deux équipes. Essay Title? Le maître pose une question dont la réponse figure dans une page ou une demi page du texte. Thesis Laundering? On laisse un peu de temps.

Un premier élève tente de répondre. God Question Watching? Son équipe marque un point si la réponse est exacte, sinon c'est à l'autre équipe de répondre. Thesis On Money? L'enseignant peut revenir sur le texte pour apporter des précisions, demander aux élèves d'en lire un extrait, avant de progresser vers la page suivante pour une nouvelle question. Une variante a beaucoup de succès : l'élève qui pense connaître la réponse lève le doigt ; il choisit un élève de l'équipe adverse pour répondre. Essay Eyes God Question Watching Were? Si celui-ci n'y parvient pas, le premier donnera la réponse. Thesis On Money? On instaure un tour de rôle pour éviter que les mêmes élèves soient toujours interrogés. 4· Les lectures-puzzles ( une idée d'Aline Serpollet ) : l'enseignant recopie sur ordinateur et imprime un extrait du texte qui sera lu par tous les élèves de la classe.

Le texte est découpé en morceaux de différentes longueurs (Compter entre 500 et 1000 caractères pour une classe de CM). Black Essay? Ceux-ci sont distribués aux élèves de manière à ce que les bons lecteurs aient les morceaux les plus longs à lire ; les morceaux les plus courts allant aux élèves moins à l'aise avec la lecture. On Money Laundering? Chaque élève lit silencieusement son passage sans pouvoir comprendre l'histoire. Boston Trustee Scholarship? Puis l'enseignant appelle les élèves à lire oralement le texte en commençant par celui qui a le début et en continuant ainsi de suite jusqu'au dernier qui a la fin. Thesis? La lecture orale est ainsi justifiée et les élèves se montrent très attentifs aux lecteurs car ils découvrent l'histoire. Le plus qui assure l'attention et plaît aux élèves : distribuer un petit questionnaire rapide - par ex un QCM - portant sur la lecture. Dissertation? On peut aussi faire un résumé à trous. Le plus long est de préparer la lecture, puisqu'il faut d'abord recopier un long texte sur ordinateur.

Un groupe d'enseignants intéressés par cette méthode pourrait s'échanger les textes entre eux, ce qui diminuerait d'autant la charge de travail. (Ce texte est libre de droits d'auteur ; c'est pour cela qu'il est proposé ici) 5· Le résumé d'après écoute : l'enseignant ou un élève lit un chapitre entier à la classe. Thesis Laundering? Puis les élèves doivent essayer de résumer brièvement l'histoire par écrit. Dissertation Droit? Chacun lit ensuite à haute voix son résumé. 6· Les premiers chapitres : l'enseignant lit les premières pages de plusieurs livres différents. On Money? Les élèves doivent ensuite attribuer le titre de livres à chaque extrait. Black Panthers Party Essay? On choisira par exemple un livre policier, un roman de science-fiction, une biographie, un recueil de poèmes, une fable, un conte de fées, un ouvrage documentaire, un article de journal, etc. Thesis Laundering? Ce procédé permet de mettre en évidence les différences de vocabulaire, de style, de construction du récit. 7· Les niveaux de langage : on phd thesis biomedical peut confronter les élèves à trois bandes dessinées différentes comme, par exemple, Tintin de Hergé ; Peanuts (Snoopy), de Schultz ; Titeuf de Zep ; Achille Talon de Greg.

On peut comparer ainsi les niveaux de langage et essayer ensuite de récrire les textes de Tintin à la manière de Titeuf, Titeuf à la manière de Peanuts… 8· Rédiger le quatrième de couverture : demander aux élèves de prendre connaissance du livre pour remplacer selon leur point de vue le texte de présentation figurant sur la dernière page en couverture. 9· Les incises supprimées : les élèves ont à leur disposition un dialogue entre deux personnages (par exemple entre le Petit Prince et le renard) dont on on money laundering a supprimé toutes les incises : dit-il ; répondit-il ; soupira le renard ; demanda le Petit Prince ; dit-il ; dit-il ; s'étonna le Petit Prince . Nursing Essay? Les élèves doivent lire le texte pour essayer de remettre à leur place les passages supprimés (ceux-ci leur sont donnés dans le désordre) 10· Mon livre préféré : demander aux élèves d'apporter un livre pour le présenter en classe et en lire des passages à haute voix. Thesis Laundering? Ils essaieront de communiquer leur plaisir. 11· Lecture aux tout-petits : envoyer un élève dans la classe maternelle ou au CP pour lire une histoire à haute voix devant les plus petits. God Question Their? Les élèves sont en général très motivés et préparent leur lecture sérieusement. 12· Des enquêtes sur Internet : donner les enquêtes policières de l'inspecteur Lafouine à lire le soir à la maison pour en discuter tous ensemble le lendemain en classe afin de résoudre l'énigme. Laundering? Les parents adorent ! 13· Noter les livres lus depuis le début de l'année . Nursing Essay Title? Chaque élève a une fiche bristol à son nom sur laquelle il note tous les livres lus avec une appréciation simplifiée (par exemple 3 étoiles = j'ai adoré ; 2 étoiles = j'ai bien aimé ; 1 étoile = j'ai trouvé ce livre moyen ; 0 étoile = je n'ai pas aimé)

14· L'émission littéraire . Thesis Laundering? Un élève vient présenter un livre. Droit? Il s'aide d'une grille de lecture (Nom de l'auteur, genre, résumé de l'histoire, etc.), lit un ou plusieurs extraits, et répond aux questions de ses camarades. 15· Le résumé des nouvelles ( une idée de Nathalie Boyer) . Thesis On Money Laundering? En CM2, nous avons commencé par un recueil de nouvelles.Certaines ont été étudiées collectivement (2 ou 3) mais pour les autres, les élèves en choisissaient une chaque jour puis la cochaient sur leur grille. Dissertation? Ils devaient la lire pour le lendemain et la raconter mais sans dire la chute. Laundering? Au final, chaque élève a choisi la nouvelle qu''il préférait et l'a résumée. 16· La mise en scène des contes ( une idée de Nathalie Boyer) Après l'étude des contes, les élèves ont lu personnellement des contes choisis en BCD ou apportés .Puis, par groupe, ils ont préparé soit des lectures, soit des lectures mimées, soit des mini-interprétations théatrales à présenter aux élèves de maternelle et de cycle 2. Ils ont été tellement motivés et intéressés par ce travail qu'ils souhaitent le refaire. 17· Un débat hebdomadaire ( une idée de Jeremy Deberdt) Le maître est avec un groupe de 3-4 élèves. 1. Essay? Les élèves lisent le texte, silencieusement, seuls.

2. Thesis Laundering? Le maître lit l'extrait du roman ou la fable ou encore le conte, la saynète ou le poème. 3. Engineering? Puis échange entre les enfants quant à la signification du texte. On Money? Le maître guide et aide à valider ou remettre en questions les propositions des enfants. Trustee? A la suite de ce travail, les élèves peuvent noter les décisions prises par le groupe dans le cahier de lecture. On Money Laundering? Le texte rejoint la banque de textes étudiés dans le classeur prévu à cet effet. 18.

Lecture-feuilleton (une idée du groupe CPAIEN Cantal) Lire oralement (le maître ou un bon lecteur ) le texte jusqu'au premier noeud narratif. Global Culture Essay? Demander aux élèves d'émettre des hypothèses sur la suite du récit ( argumenter son choix ). Thesis Laundering? Reprendre la lecture jusqu'au second noeud narratif, vérifier les différentes hypothèses. Nursing Admission Essay? Résumer les 2 parties, hypothèses pour la suite. Cette approche ne nécessite pas un ouvrage par élève ( ce qui est pratique ! ) . Pour maintenir l'intérêt elle doit se dérouler sur un temps court, l'oeuvre doit présenter des noeuds narratifs très nets. Thesis? ( La villa d'en face Pierre Boileau, un tueur à ma porte Irina Drozd. Biomedical? ) Peut être pratiqué en cycle I par dictée à l'adulte ( ex : Rouge Matou Eric Battut ou les récits en randonnées avec accumulation ) et II ( ex le diable des rochers Solotareff) . A.Serre, groupe CPAIEN Cantal. Thesis On Money? ( ce n'est pas mon idée ! ) 19. Essay Eyes Their Watching? Cercles littéraire ( par Martine Granger - idée de Maurice Langlois qui l'applique pour des plus vieux) Je vais le décrire un peu adapté pour les plus jeunes. Le travail se fait en équipe de 4. On Money Laundering? Chaque membre a une tâche dès le départ : l'animateur doit poser des questions sur la lecture et cibler des points importants (Selon vous, le personnage avait-il raison de faire ceci?). Global Essay? Un élève résume le shéma narratif de l'histoire, le troisième fait une courte recherche sur le vie de l'auteur (par exemple : lieu et date de naissance, scolarité, lieu et date de mort, principales oeuvres, etc).

On peut appeler cette tâche le recherchiste . Thesis On Money? Le magicien des mots repère les mots plus compliqués dans le texte (de préférence un court roman) et cherche leur. C'est une activité enrichissante qui peut aussi bien être faite à partir de nouvelles, de contes ou de récits d'aventure. Pour donner envie à mes élèves de lire des livres chez eux je commence en classe le début d'un roman (ou autre )par une lecture orale et je m'arrête au bout d'un ou deux chapitres. Droit Constitutionnel? Ceux qui ont accroché avec l'histoire peuvent la continuer chez eux grace aux quelques exemplaires présents dans la classe. Laundering? (ou en allant à la bibliothèque, ou en l'achetant. Trustee Essay? ) 21. Thesis? Lecture reconstituée, (une idée de Franck Brunel) Les élèves ont une page de lecture constituée d'une dizaine de paragraphes en désordre. Party Essay? Chacun prépare la lecture en essayant de reconstituer le texte. Thesis On Money? Puis on panthers party essay lit à tour de rôle le texte. On Money Laundering? Souvent les avis différent sur l'ordre des chapitres. Panthers Party Essay? Débats très intéressants ! 22.

Le roman-photo, (une idée de B. Thesis On Money? Pierret école de Jandun) A partir du Livre de M.A. Biomedical Engineering? Murail Le Hollandais sans peine (un livre plein d'humour, facile à lire) Nous avons dans un 1er temps (après la lecture intégrale) décomposé le texte en plusieurs étapes. Puis, nous avons traduit chacune de ces étapes en passage dialogués (en nous appuyant autant que possible sur les dialogues déjà présents) Ensuite, par petits groupes, nous avons joué ces scènes.

Puis, nous avons dessiné ces scènes en nous fixant des contraintes : pas trop de détails, 2 ou 3 personnages représentés. Enfin, nous nous sommes servis des dessins pour prendre des photos (Les élèves se sont répartis les rôles, mais Jean-Charles reste Jean-Charles sur toutes les photos) Il restait à reproduire les dialogues dans des bulles à coler sur les photos et quelques légendes (cf. Thesis On Money? la bande desinée) et nous avions notre roman-photo. Dans chaque classe, on phd thesis biomedical engineering lit des livres proposés par l'instit (une trentaine. de titres mais c'est mieux d'avoir 2 exemplaires de chaque livre).On peut. choisir un thème, un genre littéraire. Les enfants, par groupes, réalisent des questions, des devinettes, des mots. On échange les livres et les questions avec l'autre classe. On termine le défi par la validation des réponses par la classe qui a. produit les questions au cours d'une rencontre.

Durée du travail: un trimestre. 24. Thesis? L'enregistrement audio d'un ouvrage (une idée de Frédéric Sanchez) Une petite idée supplémentaire, qui amène pas mal de réflexions autour de la lecture, et qui ne demande que peu de matériel : . Black Panthers Essay? Les enfants, en se ré écoutant, s'aperçoivent des nécessités de corrections, et travaillent en conséquence. Laundering? Nous lisons et enregistrons actuellement avec L'oeil du loup, de Pennac. Dans la classe où je suis actuellement (CM2), je pratique en laissant le libre choix à l'enfant lecteur, de la durée et de la longueur de ce qu'il souhaite enregistrer. 25. Party? Le questionnaire de lecture (une idée d'une professeur des écoles en Cycle 3 du Gers) Les élèves sont répartis en plusieurs groupes.

Chaque groupe a un texte relativement court et différent de celui des autres groupes. On Money? Chaque groupe doit préparer 5 à 6 questions de lecture avec leurs réponses. Culture? Les questionnaires sont ensuite échangés à la séance suivante accompagnés des textes. Thesis? Chaque groupe doit maintenant répondre aux questions préparées par un autre groupe. Engineering? Puis une correction écrite ou orale est organisée. On Money Laundering? Ecrite : les élèves corrigent et évaluent le travail des autres. Boston? Orale et collective : chaque groupe au tableau corrige et justifie la réponse à l'aide du texte.

L'intérêt de la correction orale est l'explication de l'erreur. L'intérêt de ce travail est que les élèves en prenant la position de l'enseignant appréhendent mieux ce qui leur est demandé habituellement en lecture. 26. Thesis On Money Laundering? La lecture-devinette (une idée proposée par Claude Delcamp) Elle consiste, pour l'enseignant, à mémoriser l'essentiel d'un livre et à répondre par oui ou par non aux questions des enfants de la classe. En cas de trou de mémoire, le livre peut être disponible mais la couverture sera recouverte de papier opaque. Je commence généralement par c'est l'histoire de. Essay God Question Their Watching Were? et je m'arrête ! la richesse et la diversité des enfants fait que l'histoire est reconstituée en moins de 30 minutes et l'intéret n'a pas faibli, au point qu'à la fin de l'activité les enfants veulent lire le livre.

Quand les enfants sont coincés, on on money peut lever le voile par un bout de titre, d'illustration, un extrait. la structure du récit émerge dans les questions essentielles : qui, où, quand, comment, le problème. On peut s'assurer de la compréhension en faisant résumer le récit avant d'illustrer un moment particulier. Les plus grands raconteront à leur façon car ils auront pris des notes tout au long du questionnement. On peut donner à cette activité l'orientation que l'on veut, l'idée n'est pas de moi, j'ai oublié mes sources depuis le temps que je pratique la lecture-devinette mais l'idée essentielle est de donner envie de lire. Les doigts rouges, le chien des mers, l'assassin habite à côté. Droit? fonctionnent bien. 27.

Le livre-relais (une idée proposée par Sylvie Lena) je pratique dans ma classe de CEdeux le livre-relais. Thesis? je choisis un livre et le présente à la classe entière. Phd Thesis? Un élève l'emporte chez lui et lit le premier chapitre. Thesis? Quelques jours plus tard il raconte aux autres ce chapitre. Eyes? J'ai le livre sous les yeux et je l'aide s'il a du mal à raconter. Thesis Laundering? Je montre les illustrations quand il y en a et parfois lis un passage amusant ou qui fait peur. Culture? Un autre enfant prend le livre et lit le chapitre suivant et raconte aux autres et ainsi de suite.

A la fin du livre on thesis on money discute et on essay donne une appréciation. Thesis Laundering? On argumente sur les impressions de chacun. On raconte le lundi matin et le mercredi matin. Phd Thesis Biomedical Engineering? Chaque enfant inscrit dans un tableau la date à laquelle il a pris le livre. Thesis Laundering? Cela me permet de vérifier que ce n'est pas toujours les mêmes qui racontent. Dissertation? J'essaie de pousser les timides en les rassurant et leur expliquant que je suis là pour les aider s'ils ont oublié l'histoire. Thesis Laundering? Cela fait quelques années que je pratique le livre-relais et cela marche bien. Trustee Scholarship Essay? Je choisis des livres avec des chapitres qui ne soient pas trop longs, des romans policiers ou fantastiques. On Money Laundering? En ce début d'année nous lisons la princesse aux cheveux verts.

Ensuite ce sera un livre sur Halloween puis un roman de la série cascade où les héros sont des élèves de CEdeux. 28. Boston Trustee Scholarship? Petite variante à l’idée 27 lecture relais (par Nathalie Lacroix ) : Choisir un livre. On Money? Travailler le premier chapitre avec les élèves afin de bien situer l’histoire. Essay? Puis le soir, un enfant emporte le livre chez lui et prépare la lecture de 2 à 4 pages (selon ses capacités). Thesis Laundering? Le lendemain, l’enfant lit les pages qu’il a préparées chez lui. Essay Eyes Watching? L’enseignant termine la lecture du chapitre. On Money? L’enfant qui a lu désigne un camarade qui préparera la lecture pour le lendemain.

Ce système permet d’adapter le nombre de pages au niveau de lecture de l’enfant et c’est assez rapide. 29. Phd Thesis Biomedical Engineering? La Bataille Navale (une idée transmise par Audrey Fortin) : Chaque enfant doit préparer des questions sur la lecture. On Money Laundering? La classe est divisée en équipe. Black Panthers Party? Je dessine des bateaux selon le nombre d'équipe.

Chaque enfant représente un matelot Pour couler le bateau de l'autre, chaque matelot doit poser des questions aux autres. On Money Laundering? Lorsque le matelot n'a pas la bonne réponse, le matelot est mort. God Question Were? Lorsque tous les matelots de l'équipe sont morts, le bateau est coulé ! J'en connais d'autres. enrichissez la liste ! Ceux qui ont alimenté le débat pour que puisse se faire entendre un autre point de vue face à la Liste obligatoire du ministère.

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Deficiencies in regulations for anti-money laundering - Iowa State

Resume Tips for the AML Professional. S taffing changes are a fact of life, not only for laundering hiring managers but for the employees who seek new employment. Within the anti-money laundering (AML) profession, it is critical for employers to hire the most qualified individuals. Not only dissertation droit constitutionnel, is the on money laundering, success of the AML program dependent on the skill level of associates performing high-profile tasks, but regulators expect each institution to have a staff of qualified, well-trained AML professionals. Matching the right applicant to an open role can sometimes seem more like a game of chance than a scientific process, often hinging on a single document—the resume. The AML industry is a growth industry. The periodic reassessment by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the scholarship, definition of financial institutions and higher AML risk businesses, often results in the need for additional professionals trained to identify financial crimes. The dreaded matters requiring attention can also accelerate the need to find qualified industry professionals.

Though the need for qualified financial crimes prevention specialists is constantly growing, it may be difficult to thesis laundering differentiate oneself in the pool of growing applicants for open roles. Given how competitive the job market is, a well-constructed resume is one sure-fire way to rise to the top of the applicant pool. Global. Below are some general tips to construct a resume that will provide the information needed by hiring managers to make a well-informed decision regarding your qualifications for the role. Let us first look at format: Use a resume template 1 —Templates accomplish two goals. First, templates force the thesis on money laundering, writer to place key information in places hiring managers expect to find them. Second, templates use a columnar format, which saves space. Do not include images or headers/footers.

Embedded images, headers and/or footers cause issues for biomedical screening software. Mirror, mirror —While it is important to tailor your resume to the role for which you are applying, it is on money laundering equally important to essay ensure that the resume mirrors the company in which the role resides. “If you are applying to a position in a different industry (software), make your resume more innovative—use color, fun formatting, icons, etc.,” advises Ashley Crill, senior manager of on money laundering, human resources at Banker’s Toolbox. Alternatively, if the role resides in a traditional bank, plain vanilla will probably be better received. White space is your friend —White space draws the reader’s eyes to critical elements. Nursing Essay Title. Generally, recruiters do not “read” resumes—at best, you can hope that someone scans your resume. Avoid dense blocks of text. On Money Laundering. The goal is to nursing essay title immediately and succinctly identify for the reader why you are perfect for the role.

To achieve white space and limit unnecessary words, list achievements in bulleted points (five maximum). Laundering. Keep bullets to two lines maximum. Panthers Party Essay. Focus on accomplishments—not skills —The bullets should highlight accomplishments and positive impacts rather than list job duties/responsibilities. On Money. Select a maximum of eyes were, five projects/accomplishments to list on thesis on money the resume. Black Panthers. Whenever possible, quantify the accomplishments to solidify how you added value to former employers. When drafting accomplishments, present the accomplishments in thesis on money laundering a “result by” structure. For instance: “Expanded responsibilities of investigative team by creation and implementation of templated review responses, which permitted the team to essay assist with higher risk customer reviews.” Do not cover up —“A well-written resume is worth far more than a cover letter. You get 30 seconds to wow someone with your resume. Thesis On Money Laundering. If you send a cover letter that eats into nursing essay title, the time” says Crill of Banker’s Toolbox.

Now, let us look at actual content 2 : Keep it short (one to two pages) —As previously stated, recruiters generally perform a very quick “spot check” of your resume. In general, limit your resume to on money laundering one page if you have less than 10 years of experience and no more than two pages if you have more than 10 years of experience. A lengthy resume will not necessarily make you seem more impressive to scholarship the reader, but it will certainly force the reader to play hide-and-seek for on money laundering the important details about your qualifications for the role. One notable exception to the “keep it short” rule is that regulatory agencies generally expect to receive extremely detailed information. The summary section is critical 3 —The summary should be one of the first items listed on the resume.

It should be no more than five sentences and customized to the role you are applying for. Consider it your 30-second elevator pitch to the recruiter. The summary should concisely relay the most pertinent and notable highlights of your career. Black Panthers. Remember, it is critical to thesis on money grab the recruiter’s attention quickly because they likely will not take the time to read the boston scholarship essay, entire document to get a sense of who you are. Be very subjective about the objectives section —The recruiter knows the type of role you are interested in thesis on money laundering because you have applied for a role at essay title, his/her company. The objectives section takes up valuable real estate on laundering your one or two-page resume, so delete it immediately. Include a URL to your professional profile (e.g., LinkedIn) at your own risk —Considering the value of the space on your resume, give careful thought about including URLs. Those hiring managers that want to search you, will do so with or without the URL.

A 2015 study 4 indicates that social media has become a cost-effective tool in the hiring process. Ninety-two percent of their were, recruiters surveyed indicated they use social media when seeking to fill a role. Thus, if you do not provide a URL or a link to a profile, you should make it easy for thesis on money laundering recruiters to find you online by differentiating your name when possible. For example, use a middle initial. Then, use that naming format consistently on your resume and on your job application.

This will reduce the likelihood of recruiters mistaking the profile of boston trustee essay, someone else for yours. Imitation may just get you the job —Because many businesses use applicant tracking systems (ATS) aka computer screening, candidates would do well to customize a resume to the role applied for by ensuring to on money use keywords mentioned in essay god question their watching the job posting. ATS mathematically scores resumes for relevance and sends only the most qualified through for review by human resources. A less recommended alternative—in lieu of customizing a resume for each role applied for—is that an on money applicant can identify the key words and phrases that are used routinely in nursing admission essay the job descriptions and incorporate them into the resume. On Money Laundering. However, do not repeat the exact verbiage in the job description. Matching keywords will better assist an applicant makes it past the initial screenings and moves on to the next phase of the hiring process.

Provide company descriptions —While it will take up valuable space in the document, it is helpful for recruiters to know the size of the phd thesis biomedical engineering, companies for which you have worked. Thesis. Being a vice president at a company with 25,000 employees is a bit different than being a vice president at trustee scholarship essay, a company with 25 employees. Laundering. Keep the description short, but informative. The company’s “About Us” website section should provide helpful information. Highlight yourself —Include just enough interesting information to leave the recruiter wanting to know more about you, but keep it professional and not personal. If the company is heavily supportive of community/volunteer efforts, it may be advantageous to mention your volunteer experience. Hobbies that demonstrate skills relevant to the job, like creativity, may be a positive differentiating factor separating yours from the dozens of other resumes being reviewed. However, be careful. Customize the resume to essay eyes god question their watching were highlight your character, but remember to tie every entry back to a purpose. More to the story —You can add additional experience like awards, industry participation, boards or committees in a separate section of the resume titled “Additional Experience.” Remember that brevity is a virtue. Focus on thesis on money laundering what matters most to the company or the role.

If you are applying for dissertation a programing role, your state swimming championship is likely not relevant. Above all, be honest —“First of all, if you don’t tell the truth it could come back to haunt you—either before you get a job offer or in the future. There have been plenty of people fired years after the on money, fact because they lied on their resume to phd thesis engineering get a job. Secondly, many, if not most, employers check at least basic references and if your employment history doesn’t jive with the laundering, information discovered during a background check you’re definitely not going to boston trustee scholarship get hired.” 5 Finally, no one wins when someone is hired into a role into which she/he cannot perform or succeed because the experience, skills or knowledge is on money laundering just not there. Therefore, do not consider “fluffing up” your qualifications or experience. Essay. Now that you have the basics for a resume, it is time to tailor the thesis laundering, information to nursing essay the financial crimes industry.

All systems go, sort of —Ensure your resume highlights industry-specific systems you have worked in thesis laundering or with. When possible, list the experience you have with the biomedical, system (e.g., implemented BAM+, including testing and thesis on money, setting parameters for a $4.3 billion community bank). Do not waste valuable space or time listing basic software proficiency (e.g., Microsoft Word). However, do ensure you spotlight areas where you have more than a passing proficiency level (e.g., expert in Microsoft Excel). Remember, anything you list on a resume opens you up for testing or questions on the topic. Nursing Admission. Defenses up —Your resume must provide detailed explanation of the previous positions you have held including the role played in thesis the lines of defense.

Key terms like governance, control assessment, risk assessment, issues, resolution, compliance, etc., should be used when applicable. In summary, there are three key points to keep in mind when crafting a resume: 1) Be honest, 2) Tell a short, interesting story, and 3) Tailor your story to the role, company or industry to which you are applying. Amy Wotapka, CAMS, risk management consultant, Banker’s Toolbox, Racine, WI, From Law Enforcement to AML and Fraud Compliance. Interviewing Tips for Non-IT Financial Crimes Professionals.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Add ACAMS Today to your Mobile Device's Home Screen for One Touch Access. Open Safari in your iOS device and navigate to Tap the settings button (bottom of the dissertation constitutionnel, screen, an icon depicting an upward arrow moving away from a square). Tap Add to Home Screen and on money, then Add . Open Google Chrome on biomedical your Android device and navigate to

Tap the Browser settings button (top right of the screen, an icon depicting three vertical dots). Tap Add to Home Screen and thesis on money laundering, then Add . The Global Financial Crimes Compliance (GFCC) function is part of their, American Expre#8230;

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A thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Art and

essay on paper bags Paper Bag Writers. all written on brown paper lunch bags. Write your story, poem or essay. on a brown paper lunch bag. You can use both the front and back. Remember, you are limited to writing. Be sure to scan the bag when you're done so you have a copy of your work.

If you want to thesis, be considered for droit constitutionnel, publication on the site, print out the submission form and mail the completed form, along with your bag, to us. Get Approved for Publication. If we think your submission is a good fit for our site, we'll contact you about laundering publishing your bag in our Featured Writers section. Become a Featured Writer. We upload an image of your bag to the website, along with a brief bio and culture essay link(s) to where people can read more of on money, your writing. Droit Constitutionnel? We promote your bag via Facebook, Google+, Twitter and thesis on money Pinterest. A beloved member of my writing group passed away in February 2016. In her honor, I am posting a piece she shared with us, written in phd thesis, her own hand on a paper bag. Our group facilitator and PBW mentor/supporter/featured writer, Jan Haag, wrote this beautiful bio/obit in celebration of on money laundering, her life. We'll miss you, Heide. - Ed.

Hideko Saito Juchnik was born the granddaughter of the admission essay title last of a samurai line in Fukushima prefecture, Japan, in 1929. Laundering? Heide, as she became known, immigrated to global, the United States in the 1950s with her American husband, Bill, and thesis laundering they lived for a time in his hometown of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The Juchniks eventually moved to Sacramento where, after Bill retired from the Air Force, they owned and trustee scholarship operated a stamp and coin shop. Heide trained as a hair stylist in the early 1970s, and she worked in that field for some time. She came to Sacramento City College after her retirement, taking classes from 1999 to 2013 and earning two associate of arts degrees with honors—one in Social Sciences and laundering one in Communication.

She came to write in a Saturday morning writing group in scholarship, an old temporary building on campus after taking a class called Writing as a Healing Art. She was part of that writing group for on money laundering, more than five years. Trustee? This paper bag piece of Heide's was born in that writing group. Hideko Saito Juchnik died Feb.16, 2016, in Sacramento, California, at the age of 86. On Money? She is much missed by her friends and fellow writers. Heather Ayres contributes to boston scholarship, the geek culture website Eat/Geek/Play where she explores the things that set her heart aflutter.

By night she dives deep into the sea of fiction and recently self-published the modern folklore short story The Water . Find out more at Heather's website at Barbara Bruederlin is a freelance writer and on money laundering music nerd who left behind the world of neuroscience. She specializes in feature articles, reviews and issues affecting the arts community. Trustee Scholarship Essay? Barbara writes web content for East Village Experience, blogs for National Music Centre, and is a long-time regular contributor to BC Musician Magazine and No Depression. Thesis? An advocate for emerging musicians, artists and essay title theatre companies, who also dabbles in concert promotion and convention planning, she loves architecture, walkable cities and twangy guitars. And she is on money laundering, still a sucker for a really cool science story. Read more of Barbara's work on essay her website, Like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter. Katie McCleary is a writer, teacher, mother, activist, daughter, bookworm, home cook, starling watcher, and beauty archivist. Thesis? Her first novel, Blinded , is droit, currently being shopped. This letter to Harper Lee is from the main character of Blinded , Robin.

However, the thesis on money laundering novel is based on real life, chronicling Katie/Robin's adventures growing up rural Idaho with a blind sister who has a severe mental disability and is on the Autism spectrum. Katie is global culture essay, also the founder of thesis, 916 Ink, a literacy nonprofit that transforms everyday Sacramento kids and teens into culture essay, published authors as a way to increase literacy skills and empower them to live healthier lives. You can learn more about Katie at thesis on money, Aden's biggest passion in phd thesis, life is writing. Laundering? He keeps his creative fire burning by playing around in other people's universes, while working on creating his own.

Aden's first novel Pick Up Styx is currently in its infancy. Follow Aden Penn on droit Twitter. Marilyn Reynolds is the laundering author of ten books of engineering, young adult fiction in the award-winning “True-to-Life Series from thesis on money laundering Hamilton High.” Covering sensitive topics ranging from teen pregnancy to bullying, the series has received praise from culture teens and adults alike. Reynolds also has a book for on money, teachers, I Won’t Read and You Can’t Make Me: Reaching Reluctant Teen Readers . An experienced Reading/English teacher, Reynolds frequently leads workshops for trustee scholarship essay, writers and/or teachers. She currently works with 916 Ink, a Sacramento organization devoted to increasing youth literacy through creative writing. Her most recent book is Over 70 and thesis I Don't Mean MPH . Find out dissertation droit constitutionnel, more about thesis on money Reynolds and purchase her books at her website, and keep up with her activities over at her official Facebook Page. Kim Rutledge is a former journalist and blogger who now works in California state politics. Her writing and editing has appeared in many online and print publications, including the Los Angeles Times, AOL, and the Sacramento Bee. A native of Kansas, she is not amused by Wizard of Oz jokes. Kim holds a Bachelor's of Journalism from the University of Missouri and a Master's of Social Welfare from UCLA. She lives in Sacramento with her feisty polydactyl cat, Oscar.

When she can actually remember her password, she can be found being snarky on Twitter as @ms_r. Will Secrist is a starving writer who lives outside of Seattle where the rents aren't preposterous. He grew up outside of Philadelphia and global culture essay misses proper Fat Kid food. His patient wife indulges in his eccentricities and his two cats, Bertrand and Matilda, silently judge him pretty much all the time. Sue Staats’ fiction and poetry have been published, or is forthcoming, in The Los Angeles Review, Farallon Review, r.kv.r.y, Alimentum, a Journal of Food, Tule Review, and others. She earned an MFA from Pacific University, and was a recent finalist for the Gulf Coast Prize in Fiction and the Nisqually Prize in Fiction. Laundering? Her stories have been performed at boston trustee essay, the Sacramento reading series “Stories on Stage” and at the SF Bay-area reading series “Why There Are Words.” She’s currently working on a collection of linked short stories. Sue has been a driver, a drummer and a drugstore clerk, but always a writer, and on money considers it an honor. She was born and raised in central California, but her family’s deep southern roots often inform her writing in mysterious ways. Sue writes poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction, and is a proud member of the nursing admission title River Song writer’s group.

Robert Craig has been writing emails since email was invented. On Money Laundering? (He’s written a lot of emails.) These days, if he’s not writing an email (and he’s not drawing in the dirt with a stick), you might find him paddling his kayak somewhere among the calm inland reaches of California’s currently-shrinking waterways. Two years ago my world came tumbling down. I tried desperately to nursing admission, cling to anything that made sense. Until I finally let go. And began working on me. My cards began to align in thesis on money, a way that I can only essay watching were, explain as fate. Today, I am happier than I have ever been - living in a city I've always talked about moving to, working in a career that literally could have been taken from my dreams, surrounded by people who love me for me. These are personal journal entries showing my lows and highs.

Live your dreams. Laundering? Share your passion. Christine Houser reads, writes, studies, and teaches flash-length creative nonfiction in Seattle. Her stories have been published in a variety of anthologies and journals, and she writes a how-to blog at For story fodder, Chris travels near far and can often be found eavesdropping on the San Juan Islands ferries. Find her on Twitter @flashmemoirs and #cnf (creative nonfiction). From November 20, 2013: Momcat would have been 71 today.

In thinking about the 50th anniversary of constitutionnel, JFK's assassination, a defining moment in the history of the United States, I considered the concept of on money, time and how its shape is undefinable, yet we are always attempting to give it form and culture essay substance. This essay is my attempt to thesis, define what time means as it relates to the loss of the woman who inspired Paper Bag Writers. Jonathan Simpson prefers the company of extraordinary books over ordinary people. Always available, never judging and culture seldom disappointing, they wait for their turn patiently in piles by thesis on money laundering, his bedside. With BFF’s John Irving, Joan Didion, Carson McCullers, Harper Lee and David Sedaris, who really needs friends?

A collection of global essay, his many short autobiographical narratives promises to on money laundering, emerge. Read more of Jonathan's work at his website. Leslie D. Soule is the author of the droit Fallenwood Chronicles, a 4-part fantasy series from Melange Books. She occasionally writes poetry and dabbles in thesis on money laundering, other genres as well, and she can be found online at or at her blog, titled The Dusty Rose. Shawn Aveningo is an internationally published, multi-award-winning poet who hosts the Verse on the Vine™ poetry show. She’s performed in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Sausalito, Sacramento and St. Louis. Her work has been published in over 50 anthologies, literary journals and e-zines, including Pirene’s Fountain, Nazar Look: Metric Conversions, Nefarious Ballerina, Convergence, Poetry Now, Tule Review, From the Four Chambered Heart: Tribute to Anais Nin and Haunted Waters Press Quarterly. She’s a Show-Me girl from Missouri, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from nursing admission University of Maryland and a very proud mother of three.

And she absolutely loves shoes – especially red ones! ( Sue has been a driver, a drummer and a drugstore clerk, but always a writer, and considers it an honor. She was born and raised in central California, but her family’s deep southern roots often inform her writing in mysterious ways. In the past year, Sue successfully completed a NaNoWriMo contest (writing 50,000 words in a month) and completed a draft for her first novel, Pitiful Circle . Thesis? Sue writes poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction, and is a proud member of the title River Song writer’s group. Linda Jackson Collins. Linda Jackson Collins writes poems, runs and bicycles, but not all at thesis on money, the same time. She has served as editor-in-chief of the Sacramento Poetry Center’s journal, Tule Review . Her own poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Cape Rock, Late Peaches, Walrus, American River Review, The Poeming Pigeon and elsewhere. On weekends, she can be found pedaling up the hills of El Dorado. Christine Easterly is a poet living in Sacramento, California where she can also be found swimming with her local Masters team and culture essay haunting the thesis laundering neighborhood library. Christine has been published in Sacramento Voices and scholarship Soul of the Narrator . Julie Gardner worked and published in the early childhood education and counseling fields for thesis, over 40 years. During the black panthers party essay last decade she returned to writing and thesis on money studying the art and global essay craft.

Daily, she writes as a spiritual practice. Less frequently, when she's not lured away by wandering in the city or Olympic/Cascade Mountains, she works on a book from her Seattle home. Thesis On Money? As an Amherst Writers and Artists Affiliate she leads writing groups and retreats. Julie loves leading weekly writing with homeless/formerly homeless women at admission essay title, Mary’s Place, a day shelter which helps women to reclaim their lives. Jan Haag is a poet and novelist who teaches English and journalism at Sacramento City College. On Money Laundering? She is the author of a book of poetry, Companion Spirit , as well as a young adult novel, Ocean Falls , and a new novel set in Sacramento. She is affiliated with Amherst Writers Artists and leads writing workshops in the Sacramento area using the AWA method. Nursing Admission Essay? Visit her website at

Bethanie Humphreys’ poetry has appeared in thesis laundering, the Sacramento Poetry Center’s anthology Late Peaches , Tule Review, American River Review, The Gap Toothed Madness, and a persona poem of hers was performed in River City Anthology at the Wilkerson Theater in October 2013. She also integrates poems and other explorations into mixed media visual art. Currently her work can be seen in Wax On at Davis Arts Center (Davis, California) Aug 6-Sept 5, 2014. Her studio (chosen as curator’s pick!) will be open to the public for Sacramento Studio Tours Sept 20-21, 2014. See more at, and trustee Shannon M. Kelly. Shannon M. Kelly has been writing poetry from a young age, inspired by the world around her and on money the requisite teen angst. The inspiration for this untitled poem came via a Paper Bag Writers prompt to write a piece that included at least 3 of the following words: supermarket, verisimilitude, jellybean and leaping. A lover of cats and nature hikes, Shannon resides on the eastern shore of the United States.

Just trying to make a living in global, Spokane, Cindy Magi writes, draws, quilts and knits when she isn't at work as a hospice nurse. Recognizing a need to increase comfort with dying, Cindy has started a blog which can be seen and thesis on money responded to at Laura Martin is an Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) affiliate and has been leading the Sacramento Thursday Night Writers group since the admission title fall of 2011. She is also a member of the “Team Haag” writing group led by fellow AWA leader Jan Haag in thesis, Sacramento. In 2012, Laura won the grand prize in black essay, the Second Annual Pat Schneider Poetry Contest and was also nominated for a Pushcart Prize in thesis on money, poetry.

Laura also fronts The Soft Offs - a spoken word/jazz/blues/beer band that takes the culture written word from thesis on money page to their, stage in the hopes of converting those who hate poetry into lovers of thesis laundering, MOETRY! Dawn Orosco is a 3rd grade teacher whose love affair with creative writing began in panthers essay, elementary school. She spent many mornings of on money laundering, her childhood plugging away on global an old electric typewriter in hopes of dazzling her teacher and classmates with her latest short story. She has traded the typewriter for a MacBook Pro, but still finds she does her best writing when she is working against a deadline. Her work will appear in the upcoming issue of The Poeming Pigeon. Carolyn Ralston writes poetry and creative nonfiction with AWA groups in Sacramento. Her work has been published in Tule Review , Sacramento Voices , and Susurrus . She has a special interest in Poetry of laundering, Witness. Pia Sieroty Spector. Pia is a writer and poet living in phd thesis, Northern California.

She is thesis on money laundering, a Los Angeles transplant that has grown to love the essay beauty of this valley and thesis on money laundering its proximity to nursing, the mountains and lakes and wineries and thesis on money laundering everything else that calls for adventuring in the San Francisco Bay area. She has two grown daughters who are pursuing their dreams, so she is too. Pia facilitates a number of writing groups; you can find out more about joining her to write what needs to dissertation constitutionnel, be written and read her blog at on money, Martha Stromberger is a poet, musician, and visual artist living in Sacramento. She is black panthers party essay, currently putting together a portfolio for submission to MFA poetry programs, as well as an all-female metal band. Ms. Stromberger received a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University. Thesis On Money Laundering? Her poetry blog is located at phd thesis biomedical engineering, Thesis On Money? Music and a smattering of visual art may be discovered on her Facebook profile. Many years ago, my parents went on a trip and left me at home. While they were on the plane, my mother grabbed an boston trustee essay, air sickness bag and wrote me a letter.

Well, it was more like a to-do list, but she did mail it to me, so that counts as a letter. She took a few more trips, and with each one that involved air travel, she wrote me more air sickness bag letters. While it was truly quirky in the way that only my mother, “Momcat”, was quirky, it was also the beginning of a fun tradition. I started writing her letters on on money air sickness bags whenever I flew somewhere. Writing that letter was the first thing I did once I got settled in my seat: I’d pull out the air sickness bag, grab a pen from my purse (Sharpies are perfect for this), lower the tray table, and dash off a quick letter before the plane even took off.

When Momcat died in October 2009, that first flight back home was unbearable. I felt as if that air sickness bag was taunting me. If I could have mustered up the courage, I would have asked the flight attendant to remove all the bags from the essay plane. It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided it was time to reclaim the thesis bags. I was writing with a group that used the boston scholarship Amherst Writers and Artists writing method, which is mostly prompt-driven, and I thought, What if I found a prompt using the thesis on money in-flight magazine and wrote a story on the bag? Sounded kind of fun, actually. Panthers? So that’s what I did. And writing that first bit of flash fiction was so cathartic, I kept going.

I now have a stack of air sickness bag stories - and poems, too. My personal experience got me thinking: would other people find it fun to write a story - or poem, or essay - on a bag? Would they feel limited by the space constraints, or liberated? I talked to a few writer friends about the idea and they loved it, as my writer friends often do when it comes to crazy, creative ideas. Which brings us to Paper Bag Writers, the website.

Sometimes we provide the bag - a standard size lunch bag - and the prompt. Sometimes you provide the on money bag. In either case, you provide the story - or poem, or essay - on the bag. You send us the panthers bag and, if your bag meets our criteria, we put your piece on the site. This October it will be seven years since Momcat died. I’d like to think she’d find Paper Bag Writers amusing, but it’s also likely she’d sigh and say, “I really should have just gotten out thesis, my notepad.” But what would have been the fun in that? Editor-in-Chief and Founder. Updated August 3, 2016. This story, which begins with a tag line taken from an advertisement in were, Southwest Airline's in-flight magazine, was originally written on an air sickness bag (see image) and was the inspiration for starting Paper Bag Writers.

Quick, think Omaha. The town you left at on money laundering, 18 when it seemed as if the world beyond your father's fields of corn and eyes watching soybeans was much more promising than you ever could imagine, full of laundering, light and glitz and movie stars, all the wifi you could use and the best caramel lattes ever. Because to believe otherwise means you have to admission essay title, accept that Omaha is thesis on money laundering, all there ever will be for you, and all you can ever hope to achieve is an office job at your brother's insurance firm, pushing papers back and forth day in, day out, watching the analog clock at your desk with the essay god question their bull logo tick down to five o'clock. But you refuse to laundering, think that; you refuse all the trappings of that life and instead you buy a one-way ticket to Las Vegas and fill a beat up duffel bag with all your clothes that still fit and a new pair of bright purple stilettos. Boston Trustee? Because you're going to go there and make a name for yourself, you're going to be somebody. Thesis On Money Laundering? Otherwise it's back to Omaha and Daddy's corn field and you never wanted to be the heiress to global essay, a soybean fortune, anyway. Sign up to be notified of thesis on money, Paper Bag Writers activities. Official Paper Bag Writers Swag Available for Purchase! Visit our CafePress store to purchase t-shirts, totebags, mugs, journals and more!

Why ghost stories? A few reasons. 1) Halloween is coming up and we love Halloween; 2) this year marks the 200th anniversary of writer and poet Lord Byron's challenge to his friends Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley and biomedical engineering John Polidori to write a ghost story, and the subsequent birth of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein ; 3) PBW is now located near Baltimore, the thesis on money final resting place of black panthers, writer Edgar Allan Poe, who was a master of terror and suspense. Does my piece have to include a ghost? No. We're using the term loosely here to describe a scary story.

You can use monsters, vampires, zombies, Cthulhu, the Chupacabra, Demogorgon, or something that takes on laundering scary qualities. Their Watching? Just no torture porn, graphic violence or sex, animal abuse or cruelty. We think it's possible to write scary stories without getting into graphic detail. So I don't have to write my piece on thesis on money laundering a bag this time? Nope! But you do have to include mention of a paper bag in dissertation droit, your story, poem or essay if you want to be considered for publication on the site. We do have to live up to our name in thesis, some fashion, after all. Can I add drawings or do a cartoon? Is this a contest? We're still figuring that part out. If we can get prizes donated that are in keeping with the ghost story theme, then we'll post an update here and on our social media accounts about the essay watching contest portion.

Is there a submission fee? No, but we ask that when you submit, to please consider donating $5 to PBW to help us keep the site going. How soon will I find out if my bag has been accepted for publication? Our plan is to respond within 6-8 weeks of receipt. If we get overloaded with submissions, it may take a little longer. We'll post an update on our social media accounts if we are running behind schedule. When will you begin posting featured writers on the site? If all goes well, we'll start in January 2017 and continue through the thesis spring. I have other questions. Send us an email.

Please be patient - we get a lot of eyes their watching were, messages, so it can take us several days to respond. I really need a writing prompt. We totally understand. You can follow/like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to see daily prompts during the thesis on money laundering submission cycle. Black Panthers Party Essay? If you're not using any of those social media platforms, contact us and we'll send you a week's worth of writing prompts. How much will it cost me to mail my submission to you? Since we don't know where you're located, it's hard to say. Our experience during beta testing was that it cost approximately US $1.00 to mail a single brown paper lunch bag in a 9 x 12 manila envelope.

Check with your local post office to be sure. How soon will I find out if my bag has been accepted for publication? Our plan is to respond within 6-8 weeks of thesis laundering, receipt. If we get crazy busy with submissions, it may take a little longer. We'll post an update on biomedical our social media accounts if we are running behind schedule. When will you begin posting featured writers on the site? If all goes well, we'll start in early July and continue through the thesis fall and winter. What's the admission essay title point of on money laundering, this site? The simple answer: Paper Bag Writers exists to biomedical engineering, showcase how people are tapping into thesis laundering, their creativity by using a familiar object in a new way. If this all started because of air sickness bags, why aren’t you using those? Because it is so much easier to find brown paper lunch bags.

For our open submissions cycle starting March 2015, you'll be able to submit original stories, poems and essays written on air sickness bags. Did other passengers think you were weird for writing on air sickness bags? Probably. Essay? There was one instance where two young girls in my row asked me what I was doing, and admitted they thought I didn't know what the bag was for. Do you still write on air sickness bags? Yes. Once I get on the plane and settle into my seat, I pull out the on money air sickness bag and my trusty Sharpie, flip open to a random page in the in-flight magazine, set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes, and begin writing. I'm usually done before the flight attendants do their safety checks. Can I interview someone at Paper Bag Writers for an article I'm writing? Writing and dissertation droit constitutionnel Getting Published on PBW.

What should I write on the bag? Whatever you feel moved to on money, write. Black Party? A short story, a poem, a personal essay, creative nonfiction. We do ask that you refrain from on money erotica or graphic violence. How many words fit on essay the bag? Approximately 500 handwritten words fit on the bag - that’s 250 words per side. What if I make a spelling mistake on the bag? To avoid mistakes, we highly recommend writing your first draft on a sheet of paper or in a word processing program, then transcribe it onto the bag. Just keep in mind that it's approximately 500 words.

Can I add artwork to my bag? Yes, within reason. What’s acceptable: A line drawing that supports your story/poem/essay; word art. On Money? What’s not acceptable: decoupage, stickers, origami, paper mache. No crafty nonsense. This is about writing. Can I do a cartoon?

No. We may solicit those eventually, but for now, we’re focusing on word-centric pieces. Can I transcribe something I already wrote onto the bag? Yes, as long as it hasn’t been published elsewhere. What kind of pen should I use? Felt-tipped pens work well.

Ultra fine point Sharpie permanent markers are also great. Black or blue ink only, please. I really prefer to write in pencil. That’s fine, but in order to ensure that your bag scans clearly, the letters need to be crisp and dark - pencil tends to smear easily. Essay Eyes? You can always type out your piece first, then transcribe it onto the bag with a black or blue ink felt-tipped pen or a permanent marker. My handwriting is terrible. Can I have someone else handwrite it on the bag for me?

Yes, but it’s up to you to double-check their work and it still needs to be YOUR original work on the bag. Will you transcribe my bag? Will my bag be returned to me? No. We recommend you keep a scan or copy of the bag for your files. What will you do with my bag once you receive it? We read your submission and determine whether or not it’s a good fit for laundering, our site. If we decide we’d like to publish it, we send an panthers essay, email to let you know it’s been approved for publication. If you want it to laundering, be published, we send you a contract for droit, publication for thesis laundering, your signature, along with an image file of your bag as it will appear on global essay the site.

We also request a 50-100 word bio, how you want to be attributed on the site, and any links to thesis, a website, blog, or other online resource where people can read your work. Do you post every bag you receive? During the beta phase, nearly all the bags we’ve received have appeared on the site. As we move into the first open submissions round, we reserve the right to select only eyes god question their watching were, those bags we feel best represent what Paper Bag Writers is about. What’s the screening process for the featured writers? Our screening process is pretty straightforward: Is the writing legible? Is it erotica or full of graphic violence?

Is it heavier on art than on text? Is it an original work? Does the on money bag scan well? Did the essay eyes watching were writer provide a bio or other attribution when asked? Will I get paid for being a featured writer on thesis on money laundering the site? I got approved for publication on the site and received a contract for publication. Why do I need to sign and return the contract? First of all, congratulations! The contract protects you and party essay Paper Bag Writers in the event of on money, plagiarism or copyright infringement, and it outlines your rights as the author of the work.

Contracts for publication are standard in the publishing industry. Troubleshooting and Other Issues. I sent in my bag and it was approved for trustee, publication, but it hasn’t been posted to the site yet. We queue our posts for the site based on the order we receive the bags and when we receive the signed contract, bio, links and attribution information from the writer. To ensure your bag gets posted in thesis laundering, a timely manner, make sure to party, respond to any emails from the editorial team requesting a bio or other information.

I have other questions. Send us an email. Please be patient - we get a lot of messages, so it can take us several days to respond. Have a question for on money, Paper Bag Writers? Drop us a line!